Five Great Aftermarket Parts for Your New Land Rover Defender

Although the storied marque of the Land Rover Defender vehicles dates back almost 80 years, the latest and fully-revamped generation (L663) was only released recently in 2020. The Defender has always been equipped for serious adventure, and with the newest iteration, Land Rover made great strides to keep that spirit alive and allow for the maximum amount of customization that a potential owner would want to employ. By swapping accessories around, an owner can tailor their Defender to be the ultimate around-town family hauler, or gear it up for some more remote expeditions.

No matter which flavor of the new Defender you might own (90, 110, 130), each vehicle is offered from the factory with four accessory packs: Explorer, Adventure, Country, and Urban. These each contain a unique combination of factory accessories tailored to how an owner primarily expects to use their Defender. These include roof racks, bumpers, external panniers mounted to the C-pillars, and more. Perhaps you’ve chosen the Urban pack and would like to add a roof rack. Or, perhaps you’re kitted out with the Adventure pack and would like a few refinements and creature comforts to employ around town. We’ll take you through the five best aftermarket parts and accessories for any new Land Rover Defender.

Low-Profile Voyager Offroad Roof Rack

The Voyager Offroad Overland Roof Rack is a beautiful and functional full-length roof rack, constructed of bent and welded tubing. Obviously, this provides a plethora of opportunities to mount cargo shells, kayaks, bicycles, or anything else you might want to transport, but its low profile and sleek design will help keep your Defender looking great around town, too. This low-profile model is two inches lower than the standard height, which is also a benefit for garage-kept vehicles. What’s more, these are fully compatible with Defenders equipped with sunroofs. This roof rack takes advantage of the Land Rover-provided mounting points and there’s no drilling required to mount, so you can take off the rack at a later date if you ever wish to. Combine this with the Land Rover Deployable Roof Ladder for easy access to anything stowed on your roof. This is a good option for those who may not have ordered their Defender with a roof rack from the factory.

Land Rover Quilted Loadspace Liner

Anyone who has had to take their four-legged friend in a car will understand the potential for disaster that can arise when transporting your most precious cargo; from pet hair everywhere to the aftermath of an upset tummy, it can result in a real mess inside your nice, new Land Rover. Thankfully, a great solution to this problem is available in the Quilted Loadspace Liner, another official Land Rover accessory. A svelte and padded fabric protects the cargo area, rear seats, and comes with a detachable bumper protector. Designed to be durable and easy to clean, this accessory is something to take a closer look at if you regularly travel with your dogs or other animals. Being that this liner is precisely fitted to conform to the interior, it should be noted that this is currently only available for the Defender 110 model as of press time. If this is relevant to your interest, Land Rover also makes a few more pet-focused accessories as well, such as a portable pet ramp.

WeatherTech Floor Mats

It might be a little cliché, but one of the first modifications many new owners of any vehicle make is to replace the factory floor mats with a set of iconic, custom-molded WeatherTech mats. Laser cut from a durable rubberized material to match the exact layout of the Defender, these floor mats make it easy to keep the interior of your car looking great. When it’s time to clean up, simply remove them, spray with a hose, and let them dry. WeatherTech incorporates lips and channels in order to keep any water or mud contained to the mats. These are available for the front and rear seats, and there’s even a custom fitted trunk liner available. WeatherTech has been around for decades; these are quality items that are made in the United States, and won’t let you down under the harshest of conditions.

Land Rover Side-Mounted Gear Carrier

Add a bit of visual flair and practicality with these OEM Land Rover accessories. Mounted to the exterior sides of the vehicle, it provides a little extra space for things you might not want to bring inside the cabin, such as beach towels or pet supplies. It’s lockable and waterproof as well, so you have nothing to worry about while you’re out and about. You can have one on each side for the most amount of storage, or you could have Gear Carrier on one side of the car, combined with the aforementioned Roof Ladder; this is part of the beauty of the new Defenders. Since these are manufacturer accessories, you can anticipate the same high level of fit and finish in these gear carriers that you are used to, and they’re designed to seamlessly blend in with the exterior styling of the vehicle.

ARB Touring Awning with Light

Add a bit of overlanding flair to your Defender with a high-quality retractable awning from ARB. Known for making bomb-proof Land Rover accessories for decades, ARB’s awning provides you with portable shade and shelter. Useful for a day at the beach or a camping trip in the forest, this awning is easy to set up and built tough to handle high winds or heavy precipitation. Once you get a taste of how handy they are, you won’t want to go anywhere without your portable awning.


As you can see, the new Defenders were designed keeping a strong eye on customization and personalization to suit each owner’s tastes. While a fine selection of accessories are available from the manufacturer when the car is ordered, a robust secondary market also provides a great service to those looking for a wider array of parts. As this platform ages gracefully, more accessories and creative solutions will continue to hit the market, and if we had to take a guess, this could be the most personalized Land Rover ever at the end of the day. Ultimately, no matter if you’re seeking the refinement and luxury that Land Rover is known for, or planning a trip to the Arctic Circle, the Land Rover Defender can get you there – however you want.

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