Three-Door Land Rover Defender 110 CGI Pickup Looks Like a Fun Little Jungle Truck

Although it has been derided by many for its new focus on the posh 4WD lifestyle, the L663 Land Rover Defender has slowly but steadily gained a foothold across the automotive industry.

The great OEM projects, from the most recent 75th Limited Edition Defender 90 and 110s to the Defender V8, were, of course, in big part responsible for the public’s acceptance. But the same can be said about the virtual automotive realm, which has also stocked all sorts of dreams of Defender greatness.

So, we have seen gloriously humongous stuff like a Defender 130 that morphed into the right kind of dune-bashing, jungle-dwelling pickup truck, and now the Defender 110 is also transformed into a utilitarian vehicle. Albeit this time there is a three-door CGI twist to the story, as well.

Remember Mo Aoun, the virtual artist better known as moaoun_moaoun on social media, who is now a Creative Designer at Stellantis’ American arm composed of Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, and Dodge? Well, he continues to also show his personal CGI projects – with a renewed focus on off-road, thankfully. And so, here is a greenish take (quite close to the 75th-anniversary edition, right?) on a hypothetical Land Rover L663 Defender pickup truck that seems to only dream of extreme off-road adventures.

Why the Defender 110 and not the 90, one might ask? Well, primarily because that is what the author mentioned in the description’s hashtag reel. But, also, because it might be a little more inviting (even with a digitally shortened wheelbase) to the hardcore transformation than its smaller sibling – taking into account all the additional off-road parts both seen and unseen.

By the way, this is neither the artist’s first take on a Land Rover nor the most original off-road SUV/truck build project, as one can easily ascertain from the gallery.

Article Credit: Aurel Niculescu 
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