Land Rover Unveils Bespoke Hybrid Electric Defender for Rugby World Cup Trophy

Land Rover creates a unique celebration of the Rugby World Cup with a bespoke hybrid electric Land Rover Defender. As the Official Vehicle Partner for the tournament, Land Rover showcases its commitment to innovation and sport in the form of the Rugby World Cup Trophy Car, designed to safely display the coveted Webb Ellis Cup during the Rugby World Cup France 2023.

A Majestic Display:

Discover the features of the custom Land Rover Defender 110, including its illuminated trophy cabinet equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure optimal visibility of the Webb Ellis Cup. The modified Defender, developed by Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division, combines functionality and design to capture the essence of the Rugby World Cup.

The Trophy Tour:

Follow the Rugby World Cup Trophy Car as it embarks on a captivating journey across France. From prominent cities like Paris and Montpellier to picturesque locations such as St. Tropez and Cap Ferret, the tour provides fans with the opportunity to witness the unique hybrid Defender and the prestigious Webb Ellis Cup up close.

Unveiling the Hybrid Defender:

Explore the specifications of the Land Rover Defender PHEV, showcasing its plug-in hybrid powertrain and impressive performance capabilities. Learn about the exclusivity of this special edition vehicle and its role in promoting sustainable mobility and electric technology.

Showcasing Partnership and Design:

Delve into the design elements of the Rugby World Cup Trophy Car, featuring distinctive Rugby World Cup France 2023 and partnership liveries on the hood and doors. Appreciate the attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into creating this remarkable Land Rover Defender.

Looking Ahead:

Stay informed about the upcoming Rugby World Cup France 2023 and its opening match scheduled at Stade de France in Paris. Plan your journey to witness the excitement of the tournament and the presence of the Land Rover Trophy Car, symbolizing the fusion of sport, innovation, and automotive excellence.


The bespoke hybrid electric Land Rover Defender serves as a remarkable tribute to the Rugby World Cup and highlights Land Rover’s commitment to sustainability, performance, and partnership. Witness the fusion of automotive engineering and the world of sports, as the Rugby World Cup Trophy Car captivates fans and spectators alike during this prestigious tournament.


Urban Range Defender Widetrack 2020


The Urban Widetrack programme for the new Land Rover Defender includes our most comprehensive modifications in order to create a vehicle which embodies our mantra of ‘road presence redefined’. With a 10mm wider track, castellated arches and front aero blades, the Widetrack Defender take your vehicle to the next level.

Available for both 90 & 110 variants, the Urban kit comprises of a range of exterior modifications that not only enhance the vehicle’s appearance but also improve its off-road performance. Some of the key features of the Urban Widetrack program for the Land Rover Defender include:

  1. Widened track: The vehicle’s track is widened by 10mm, which gives it a more stable and aggressive stance.
  2. Castellated wheel arches: The wheel arches are modified with castellated edges to give the vehicle a more muscular appearance.
  3. Front aero blades: The front aero blades are added to improve aerodynamics and give the vehicle a more sporty look.
  4. Bespoke grille: The front grille is replaced with a bespoke design that is more distinctive and visually striking.
  5. LED lighting: The vehicle is fitted with upgraded LED lighting, including daytime running lights and rear light clusters.
  6. Upgraded suspension: The suspension is upgraded to improve off-road performance and handling.

Overall, the Urban Widetrack program for the Land Rover Defender is designed to give the vehicle a more aggressive and imposing look while also improving its capabilities both on and off the road.


  • Replacement ‘Best of British’ Side Vents
  • Replacement ‘Best of British’ Bonnet Vents
  • Black Styling Pack to grilles and front/rear bumper centres
  • Urban Rear Spoiler – finished in gloss black with enamel tablet branding
  • Urban Roof Light Pod – finished in gloss black with enamel tablet branding
  • Urban – Black Shadow side steps
  • 22″ x 10 Alloy wheels – The formidable WX range by Urban
  • 285/45/22 – Premium tyre package
  • Black wheel nut set
  • Extended Widetrack wheel arch set
  • Front Bumper Aero Blades
  • Front and rear mudflap set
  • Extended black styling to: Lower doors and bumper elements
  • Or Extended contrast paint to compliment factory colour palette
  • Finished with Urban branding (front, sides and rear)


  • Vented Carbon Fibre Bonnet
  • Rear wheel protector – with Urban branding options
  • Power Cube Front DRLs
  • NAS Rear Light Upgrade
  • Luxury Interior
  • Performance Exhaust
  • Side Storage Box
  • Roof Ladder
  • Exposed Tow Eyes



The Urban Works Range Defender Hardtop 2020

The Urban Works Range Defender Hardtop 2020 is a modified version of the iconic Land Rover Defender SUV. It is designed for urban environments and offers a combination of ruggedness and luxury. Some of the key features of the Urban Works Range Defender Hardtop 2020 include:


The vehicle features a tough and robust design with a custom-made hardtop roof that gives it a unique look. It also comes with a set of 20-inch alloy wheels and all-terrain tires that provide excellent off-road capability.


The interior of the Range Defender Hardtop 2020 is spacious and comfortable, with premium materials used throughout. It has leather seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a large infotainment system with navigation, Bluetooth, and smartphone integration.


The vehicle is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that delivers 296 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. It is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission and comes with a full-time four-wheel drive system for exceptional performance both on and off-road.


The Range Defender Hardtop 2020 comes with a range of safety features, including adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, and a rearview camera.


The Urban Works Range Defender Hardtop 2020 is a versatile and capable vehicle that combines luxury and ruggedness to deliver an exceptional driving experience both on and off-road.

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2024 Land Rover Defender 130 V8

The 2024 model, a mightier defender than the last, is a luxury, top-quality, midsize SUV that exhibits its high-performance attributes on and off the road. 

With the vehicle’s off-road prowess and superior space, you are sure to have eyes staring till you are out of sight. Driving in this Land Rover gives you the confidence to move around in a comfy and capable vehicle.


The 2024 Land Rover Defender 130 is fully equipped with 21st-century intuitive technologies for all kinds of adventures. It will be available in 5 trims and comes with a color palette scheme. The technology is updated regularly to guarantee visibility, convenience, and connectivity.

There are also unique, precise details like the wood veneer and noble chrome materials that elevate the design intensity even further. The expansive touchscreen on the center dash has increased brightness and shows an extended portion of the route ahead while navigating.

A panoramic sunroof allows the natural light to bathe the front seats when it slides open. The other glass roof, which is special to only this model, ensures that occupants of the third-row experience the same authentic feel of the Defender vehicle as everyone else in the Land Rover.

The finishing touches in the interior come in a variety of options, which also include light oyster-perforated Windsor and vintage van leather. The cushion width and legroom of the third row are greater than any other seat rows in the vehicle, having cup holders, USB-C charging ports, and armrests. There’s even more room for passengers and cargo in the third row.

The Engine and Performance

The 2024 Land Rover Defender 130 V8 has mild-hybrid engines and standard equipment.

Land Rover’s new model is powered by a twin-turbocharged V8 engine fitted with off-road upgrades that deliver about 600 horsepower. It uses a 5.0-liter displacement engine to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds. It might crawl in corners, but there’s no stopping on straightaways, with a departure angle of 28.5 degrees.

Although it is slightly lower than the Defender 110’s 40-degree departure angle, it still has a competitive edge among its off-roading rivals. This model also features an exhaust with quad tips made from titanium, raised suspensions, wide wheel arches, and mud flaps.

The Defender is built to smoothly handle all sorts of terrains owing to its off-the-road capabilities and on-road natural performances. It takes you confidently and carefully from urban jungles to sand-shifting terrains and finally scales you successfully through an icy environment, thanks to its accessory packs; the explorer pack, the country pack, the adventure pack, and the urban pack.

The Defender 130 also offers a four-zone climate control system for cooling and heating the vehicle in these zones, independently operated for the three rows of seats.

The Exterior Styling

The exterior styling doesn’t fall below your expectations considering the luxury of the Defender 130. Its unique silhouette displayed throughout the vehicle’s smooth bodywork is no match, an immediate indicator of all the characters the Defender can perform.

This new Defender features huge fender flares and wider flares. There are also massive air intakes and more lightweight components owing to the size of this beauty, with the air suspension being standard. Defender is styled with the toughest materials created for optimum durability, but it also has its own limits.

The lightweight wheels come in huge sizes of 20 inches, which only means that the brakes are larger for reliable control on the wider track. The spare wheel covers are body-colored, which improves the deliberate and cohesive aesthetic design. 

Its vertical length, from the tip to its spare wheel, measures up to 5,358 mm, making it impossible to overlook. At the same time, the wheelbase has the same measurements as the five-seater Defender 110 model, which is 3022 mm. 

The LED lights are boldly placed at both the front and rear of the vehicle, with extra illuminators. The word “defender” is also inscribed on the front bumper, in all caps, screaming exclusivity. You can also find the Land Rover symbol below it and at the side.

The Interior Design

The 2024 Land Rover Defender 130 is an eight-seater, having three rows of seats in a two-three-three setup, offering the occupants unrivaled comfort. 

The second and third rows of seats will be folded down. With this arrangement, the entire body length of the Defender 130 boasts 80.9 cubic feet of cargo space, which is a lot of space. The roof will also have a load limit.

According to Land Rover, the cabin offers an extra length of 34 centimeters, surpassing the Defender 110 by 13.38 inches, which increases cargo capacity and passenger space, implying that there will still be a reasonable amount of cargo space even when all seats are occupied. With this space, you can confidently fit in a complete entertainment set.

Speaking of the infotainment system, this model is exclusive to the 11.4-inch touchscreen in the center dash. Control buttons will also be on the door panels, center dash, and steering wheel. You can configure the center console at the front to your style, either with or without a refrigerator. 

The interior compartment will be wrapped with leather-free and wood appointments and can be customized to suit the customer’s demands on both material and color. The leather-free material engaged is a new one Land Rover calls “resist.” It is also used for carpet mats, and luxury carpeted cargo spaces.

It has a low carbon footprint compared to other leather alternatives used in previous models. The resist material has been tested and shown to have extreme durability, a soft feel, a fine grain appearance, and is easy to maintain.

The Price

The base price starts at $69,350. The actual cost for a fully equipped Defender 130 Land Rover comes to $86,750, and this is without the additional upgrades that make the vehicle more luxurious.

If you then decide to add the cost of a few upgrades, you will easily come down to a six-figure price. Of course, a V8 is the most expensive, but it is worth its price.


  • Excellent handling and performance
  • Luxurious body style
  • Amazing off-road capabilities
  • Luggage can easily be offloaded


Starting from its intentional stance to its sophisticated, precise surfaces, everything concerning the 2024 Defender 130 exudes brilliance. 

The 2024 Defender 130 combines function and form, capability and space, to achieve an imposing presence. Even looking at the exterior styling alone, the vehicle demands ultimate attention on and off the road.

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URBAN Range Defender Perfecting The Definitive 4×4

The Urban customization programmed for the iconic Defender offers an extensive array of modern enhancements alongside premium installation services, full conversions and comprehensive exterior rejuvenation packages.

From soundproofing to stainless fixings, chassis under-sealing to custom exterior restoration and bespoke color changes, we have the expertise and ability to cover all work in-house. Our modification catalogue is available for all Defender owners that want to explore modifying their vehicle in any capacity, our skilled team of technicians and painters can offer comprehensive fitted solutions, alternatively, for customers that sit outside a reachable geographic location we have our new e-store where parts can can be purchased online. If you have the opportunity, we really do recommend that you pay a visit to our showroom and workshop to see all of our products and meet our friendly team.


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