Terrafirma for Land Rover Defender

Terrafirma, which translated from Latin means Solid Earth, is a company created to cater to the needs of Land Rover aficionados all over the world. They offer accessories that are practical and stylish so that your vehicle can mirror your personality. The range offers choice, clear product identification, and application, making sure the correct product can be selected from the extensive range of accessories.

The largest category in the range is Terrafirma Serious Suspension. To satisfy the diverse requirements of 4×4 owners both on and off-road, they offer the greatest selection of shocks, springs, and suspension hardware for Land Rover vehicles available anywhere in the marketplace.

Other Terrafirma products also available include Performance exhausts, cross-drilled and grooved brake discs, Terrafirma Power Plug diesel power upgrades, reinforced steering rods, winch mounts & bumpers. With new products being evaluated and tested for introduction in the near future, Terrafirma will become one of the most recognized 4×4 accessory brands.