CGI-Bagged Land Rover Defender Is Quite the Posh Opposite of a Rock-Crawling SUV

It has been a while since we have heard anything new about Land Rover. Lucky with their collaboration for a Defender-inspired watch with Bamford London, otherwise, we might have forgotten about them.

Well, that is not all so surprising, since their off-road rock-crawling and dune-bashing bread and butter keeps getting stolen by everyone around them, even brands that are not necessarily traditional rivals. So, this is how Porsche now stands out 50 mm taller in the off-road crowd with stuff like the limited-edition 911 Dakar.

Meanwhile, if Land Rover hasn’t done anything spectacular for the Defender since that pricey 75th Limited Edition Defender 90 and 110 models, that does not mean the virtual automotive realm has stood idle, as well. Instead, we have seen cool ideas such as a three-door Defender 110 pickup with a very short wheelbase looking like a jungle truck and even a Single Cab dually version to give heavy-duty trucks something to ruminate about.

Now, here is also London, UK-based virtual artist Al Yasid, better known as al.yasid on social media, chipping in. And the pixel master finally seems ready to go out of his usual CGI sports car comfort zone. Or is he? You see, he faced a little dilemma while trying to express his passion for the latest L663 Defender 90/110/130 lineup: “if I was to choose, it’d be one with a lift kit installed rather than a bagged one.”

So, he went right ahead and CGI-slammed the bejesus out of the air-suspension mustard Defender 110 we see embedded below (and in the gallery above)! That’s a pretty twist from sticking to his principles, right? Anyway, the bagged, posh SUV is now quite the opposite of a dune-bashing, rock-crawling off-roader with its thoroughly slammed attitude and extreme widebody atmosphere, plus that dual central exhaust setup.

And I also have a feeling those spares sticking out of the trunk are for drifting or quarter-mile dragstrip purposes…

Article Credits: Aurel Niculescu
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