Sunbeam Yellow Valiance: Unveiling the World’s Second Convertible Land Rover Defender 90

In the realm of customized Land Rover Defender 90s, the spotlight has once again been captured by an extraordinary build known as the “Sunbeam Yellow Valiance.” Earning the title of the world’s second-ever convertible Land Rover Defender 90, this stunning creation stands as a testament to the artistry and innovation within the custom automotive industry.

The journey into the world of convertible Defenders commenced last year when Niels van Roij Design and Heritage Customs, two prominent names in the European custom industry, introduced the “ultimate coachbuilt SUV convertible” known as Valiance. This radical interpretation of the iconic Defender 90 showcased a departure from the traditional roof design, incorporating luxurious appointments that redefined the boundaries of Land Rover’s renowned capabilities.

The original Valiance, born from sketches that stirred excitement over a year ago, featured a plethora of fabric roofs, opulent leather interiors, and custom wheels, establishing itself as a symbol of bespoke craftsmanship. The Valiance series, promised to be both limited and highly diverse, aimed to cater to the unique specifications and desires of discerning customers.

Enter the Sunbeam Yellow Valiance, the second coach-built convertible Defender, based on the same Defender 90 platform as its predecessor. Adorned in a vibrant Sunbeam Yellow exterior, this creation boasts a black fabric roof, complemented by a meticulously crafted interior featuring black leather with yellow stitching. The absence of a hard roof is compensated by the inclusion of a roll cage, ensuring both style and safety in unexpected situations.

The interior of the Sunbeam Yellow Valiance further showcases intricate details, including 3D etched aluminum inlays on the dashboard and seat patterns paying homage to the skilled craftsmen involved in the build. While specific details about additional modifications remain undisclosed, this convertible Defender retains its mechanical integrity in line with its stock form.

Heritage Customs hints at a significant milestone with the Sunbeam Yellow Valiance, signaling a potential ramp-up in production. Although exact details are yet to be revealed, the announcement of a third vehicle in the Valiance series in the near future suggests an expansion of this exclusive line.

While the origins and cost of commissioning the Sunbeam Yellow Valiance remain undisclosed, its visual impact and unique design speak volumes about the boundless possibilities within the world of custom Land Rover Defenders. As this vibrant convertible takes its place alongside its predecessor, it exemplifies the ongoing evolution of iconic SUVs into bespoke works of automotive art.

Photo: Niels van Roij Design/Heritage Customs