Revamped Land Rover Defender 110: A Dominant Force on and off the Road

The latest generation Land Rover Defender has become a canvas for numerous tuners, each leaving their distinctive mark on this iconic 4×4. From widebody conversions to bespoke interiors, the aftermarket options are vast, easily accessible with a few clicks on the internet. Among these tuners, Mansory stands out, known for its bold and aggressive builds.

Mansory’s influence on the Land Rover Defender is unmistakable. Previously, they presented a modified Defender 90, and now, attention turns to the longer wheelbase variant, the Defender 110, receiving a similar makeover but tailored to its extended proportions.

Although no longer officially dubbed the Black Edition, this Defender 110 exudes a menacing presence with its all-black exterior. The enhancements are evident, with muscular fender flares, additional attachments throughout the body, supplementary lighting integrated into the front bumper and above the windshield, a redesigned hood, and a distinctive roof-mounted wing.

The tuner’s branding is prominently displayed across various exterior elements, including the hood and rear spare wheel holder, as well as on the new wheels, albeit ones that seem more fitting for a luxury marque like Rolls-Royce. Clad in low-profile rubber band tires (295/30) and featuring reduced ground clearance, this Defender sacrifices some of its off-road prowess for a more urban-centric appeal.

True to Mansory’s style, carbon fiber accents abound, extending into the cabin where lightweight materials adorn various surfaces. Bronze accents add a touch of flair, complemented by special badges, black suede upholstery with orange piping, and other exclusive touches, culminating in a bespoke interior tailored to discerning tastes.

Despite the tuner’s silence regarding the powertrain specifics, it’s widely speculated that this Defender 110 is propelled by the formidable supercharged V8 engine. With output figures potentially boosted from the stock 518 hp and 461 lb-ft of torque to a staggering 641 hp and 642 lb-ft, performance sees a significant improvement. Acceleration from 0-62 mph is reportedly slashed to 4.7 seconds, while the top speed edges higher to 155 mph, cementing its status as a potent performance SUV.

While opinions may vary on the aesthetic choices made by Mansory, there’s no denying the impact of their modifications on the Land Rover Defender 110. Transforming it into a veritable 4×4 predator, this bespoke creation exemplifies the fusion of luxury and performance, catering to enthusiasts seeking exclusivity and dynamism in their off-road adventures.

Photo: Instagram | Mansory