Menacing All-Black Land Rover Defender Has Matching Hybrid Forged Vossen Wheels

The all-new Land Rover Defender, the modern L663 series, arrived last year following a rather lengthy hiatus between its production start and the final build of the original. It was probably Land Rover’s way of making sure fans were being trialed and tested in terms of patience. Now that it’s finally out and about, personalization is the way to go forward if one aims to stand out in a crowd.

A British model that was renowned for its ruggedness above everything else, the Land Rover Defender is now ready to explore uncharted territory. That’s because the all-new reincarnation is adhering to the standard SUV principles rather than being an uncompromising off-roader that doesn’t even know what “creature comfort” means.

And we have seen quite a few examples of the Defender getting a decidedly premium treatment – which is also the case with this all-black unit prepared by Vossen Wheels alongside a Miami, Florida, dealership, and the Warren Henry Auto Group in a menacing all-black configuration.

It was all just for the sake of showcasing Vossen’s HF-2 series of “hybrid forged” alloy wheels. And when we say everything is black, we literally mean that. The Defender’s body sports a menacing matte black wrap, the windows have the matching tint, and the HF-2 wheels sport a pristine black finish. Even all the Defender badges have been swapped for black ones, so we can certainly commend the attention to details.

While seeing this dark take on the Land Rover Defender could easily make our imagination run rampant with Star Wars’ Darth Vader associations, the company doesn’t seem to have such ominous intentions. Instead, it’s touting the Defender as the perfect luxury adventurer – somehow, they found a flooded portion of a road, implying that its inherent off-road capabilities (complete with chunky tires) might one day save the owner even in the middle of a city…

As far as pricing is concerned, the HF-2 series kicks off at $549 and can be had in two standard colors (Brushed Gloss Black, Tinted Matte Gunmetal) and an additional variety of no less than nine custom finishes.


Article Credit: Aurel Niculescu
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