Lumma Design Widebody 2021 Land Rover Defender Looks Pretty Tacky

Made in Slovakia instead of the United Kingdom with a unitary construction instead of a ladder frame, the L663 polarizes opinion. But as far as the styling is concerned, we can all agree that Land Rover’s new Defender looks like a Defender. Some customers, however, want more visual pizazz that often translates to eyesores like this particular build.

CLR LD is how Lumma Design calls the “refinement program” in the photo gallery. The makeover starts with a selection of 19- to 23-inch wheels fitted with off-road, all-season, or summer-only performance tires. The rubber shoes are complemented by tack-on extensions for the wheel arches that are designed to fit the pumped-up side skirts and both of the bumpers.

Performance spacers highlight the double-spoke wheels, and this is where the good part of the visual package comes to a conclusion. The ugly part kicks off with a hood attachment with a fake grille, LUMMA CLR LD written in uppercase letters where DEFENDER used to be, and a front grille that looks eerily similar to the radiator in your bathroom. The front spoiler attachment, rear apron, and fender air vents are pretty questionable as well.

40 millimeters (1.6 inches) wider than stock, the spruced-up Defender also stands out with the help of tailpipe finishers a roof panel that integrates a couple of spotlights to emphasize the off-road character of the gentle giant. Lumma Design hasn’t published any photographs of the interior, but the aftermarket specialist from Winterlingen is much obliged to reupholster and retrim the cabin to your heart’s content as long as the price is right.

Because no CLR LD is the same, Lumma Design hasn’t mentioned any pricing info for the visual package or any individual item. To whom it may concern, a brand-new Defender starts at €52,500 euros in Germany where the tuner is based. Back home in the United Kingdom and over in the United States, make that £44,210 and $47,700 for the turbo four-cylinder 90 version.


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Article Credit: Mircea Panait
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