Land Rover Defender X 110 Looks Custom-Ready for Elegant Forgiato Off-Roading

Going for a 2022 Land Rover Defender 110 will set U.S. fans back at least $50,500. The elegant looks of the X trim are even more expensive, though, at $86k. Meanwhile, a custom appearance is probably priceless.

Shading away heritage is hard, but somehow the Land Rover Defender avoided a total backlash from the diehard aficionados when it presented itself completely new as the L663 iteration. Significant because it’s the first all-new incarnation of the Defender, the modern SUV breaks away from the engineering lineage of its predecessor.

So, we are not dealing with a direct descendant of the original Series Land Rovers that came to life in 1958, and instead, it’s an AWD icon reinvented for posh off-road driving. The starting price clearly shows that, although no one really expected the Defender to be affordable in the first place. Well, if you’re breaking the bank, might as well gun for something cool.

Someone decided the $86k Defender X is the right one for them, complete with its elegant combination of gray paintjob and lots of glossy black exterior details – from roof to hood and even the lower-body protections. But that wasn’t enough for this fancy thrill-seeking adventurer (we figured that based on the roof rack and matching side ladder).

Instead, this Defender also comes with a set of controversial Forgiato wheels. The dual-tone star-inspired looks (maybe the owner is from the Lone Star state, who knows) were certainly elegant enough to attract the attention of Forgiato’s social media account caretakers. But, unfortunately, as always, they’re being way too tight-lipped about additional information.

So, we have no idea who ordered the build, who took care of the execution, and why it’s been professionally photographed at Joshua Tree in California. Those are all mysteries that will probably remain unsolved, along with the exact model/series of the Forgiato alloys, or even the powertrain of choice.

Article Credit: Aurel Niculescu
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