Land Rover Defender Onçafari is limited edition for Brazil

Land Rover has just launched an exclusive version of Defender for the Brazilian market, which will be named Defender Onçafari. The special edition of just 25 units celebrates the partnership between the British automaker and the Onçafari project, whose mission is to protect the jaguars in the Pantanal and promote environmental conservation.

Returning to Defender Onçafari, it brings an exclusive look and new factory options and accessories compared to other versions of the utility, although the limited edition is based on the 110 HSE P300 configuration. The body of the utility vehicle is always painted in brown color combined with the black roof, also bringing camouflaged details, whose design is formed by silhouettes of jaguars superimposed in shades of gray and black. This finish appears on the hood, sides, trunk interior, rugs and the spare tire.

The British utility “Pantaneiro” also receives other exclusive details such as the emblem with the 10-year logo of the Onçafari project (Land Rover has been a partner since 2019). It was also nice that each unit of Defender Onçafari was named after a jaguar monitored by the institute on the back badge, like this unit in the photos with the name “Esperança”.

Whoever buys the model still takes home a pack of stickers with subtle drawings of animals typical of the Pantanal and their scientific names, which can be applied to the vehicle as the owner wishes, thus making each unit more exclusive with stickers in the best “easter egg” style. ”.

Among the equipment, the brand highlights the extras and package included in the utility, such as black roof rails, household outlets and active electronic differential, gray 20-rim wheels, black exterior package that leaves the emblems finishing, and other details darkened, stirrups fixed sides, movable roof ladder, front guard and classic front and rear mudguards, spare tire cover, wheel arch guard, snorkel, roof rack and support for external accessories.

The list of standard items also includes an All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) and configurable Terrain Response system, adaptive cruise control and rear-end collision monitor, head-up display system with information projection on the windshield and an exclusive Land Rover wristband that no need to use the vehicle key. In the cabin, Defender Onçafari gained a special configuration, consisting of seats in Lunar color, ceiling with Light Oyster Morzin coating and Rough-cut Walnut finish in some details, whose material resembles wood.

As we said at the beginning, Defender Onçafari is an exclusive and limited edition for Brazil with only 25 units, with each one of them already on pre-sale this month and selling for R$ 679,950. According to Land Rover, part of the proceeds from the sale of the limited edition will be earmarked to help carry out Onçafari conservation initiatives.

“The launch of the limited edition Defender Onçafari is the manifestation of a very important chapter for Land Rover in Brazil: the identification of the brand with the Onçafari project and the extremely positive social and environmental impacts generated by its initiatives. In them, the Defender units in use in the Pantanal play a fundamental role, being the key player in the conservation of jaguars and animals from the cerrado in terrains where only Defender can reach”.

“With this launch, we used a unique design and iconic model as the main pieces to present the project and our partnership to even more customers. More than that, we want to involve them and really captivate them based on Defender Onçafari’s proposal so that they know more about what we are supporting today as a Land Rover”, says Paulo Manzano, marketing director for Jaguar Land Rover.

Article Credit: Yadunandan Singh
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