Land Rover Defender Gets Lifted and Widened, Looks Digitally Ready to Enjoy an Adventure

Just recently we found out that Jaguar Land Rover is on a hiring spree with former Meta and Twitter employees as big targets since it wants to create “the car of tomorrow.”

Sounds like they just came back from the Tomorrowland festival and heard Mark and Elon just dropped the axe on the human resource department. Well, perhaps those close to 800 available career opportunities need just one position fulfilled – the one fitting for a renowned virtual automotive artist.

So, here is London, UK-based pixel master Al Yasid, better known as al.yasid on social media, unknowingly applying for the Defender modification department – albeit only virtually, for now. After all, the CGI expert seems keen on clashing any controversy opportunity after he recently went out on a digital limb and created a bagged L663 Land Rover Defender as the posh opposite of a rock-crawling, dune-bashing SUV.

Quickly enough, he also presented the CGI flip side of the Landy coin, complete with a Defender (110 or 130, it’s not entirely clear) riding on a heavily lifted suspension kit, meaty all-terrain tires with classic-looking white aftermarket Aerodisc-style concave wheels (aka the modern equivalent of steelies), and with a bunch of other modifications.

Of course, the digital Land Rover Defender project, complete with its wide fender flares, protruding roll cage, and rear door delete to make way for the spare wheel, is also roaming around a natural-looking CGI background. It’s like this author forgot that winter is coming, and he is already dreaming of cool, spring-based Defender adventures.

Thus, should we give this ritzy SUV our CGI hall pass because it somehow reminds us of the old Defender’s rougher and tougher nature, or does the author need a wake-up call from his sweet Land Rover dream? I am leaning towards the former case, just so you know…

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Article Credits: Aurel Niculescu
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