Land Rover Defender convertible unveiled

A Dutch company has lifted the lid of Land Rover’s iconic off-roader – and it has an eye-watering price.

The Land Rover Defender will soon be available as a convertible, with little-known Dutch coachbuilder Heritage Customs offering to chop the roof off for €84,700 ($AU120,000) – in addition to the cost of the donor car.

Dubbed the Valiance and based on a standard Defender 90 short wheelbase, the new soft-top is now available for pre-order. However, production for customers won’t begin until later this year.

According to Heritage Customs, the vehicle is “a more heroic version of the Defender” and the ultimate “limited edition coach-built motorcar.”

Buyers are required to supply their own car, with the €84,400 conversion cost in addition to the vehicle’s RRP.

This means it’s unlikely a convertible Defender can be had for less than €130,000 ($AU190,000) in its most basic guise.

The conversion can reportedly be applied to any short wheelbase Land Rover Defender with six-cylinder or V8 power. For now, Heritage Customs does not offer any engine power upgrades.

However, bespoke 20-inch ‘Space Cowboy’ alloy wheels, a revamped interior, and exterior badging are added as part of the deal.

Just five examples of the Valiance will be built this year, however the manufacturer says it may increase production in the future.

Article Credit: William Davis
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