Beautiful 1993 Land Rover Defender 110 Is Up for Grabs, Needs Small Repairs

Paint it yellow, and the back half of this 1993 Defender 110 might give you some serious American school bus vibes. Jokes aside, if you’re in the market for a fair priced Land Rover from 29 years ago, then you might just have an opportunity here. This one’s pretty.

Right from the get-go you should know this Defender is not one that sat in a pretty place for all its life. The odometer is showing approximately 75,000 miles (121,000 kilometers), which means it has seen its fair share of the land. After all, that’s why it was made. But this car’s story is the one that captured our interest. It was brought from Poland! It landed on U.S. soil in 2019, was sold in 2021, and the current owner wants a new home for it.

As it seldom is with old cars, people worry about the quality of the service done before and the current state of the vehicle. Fortunately, this owner took proper care of his Defender 110 before putting it up for sale. They replaced a lot of parts like the center muffler or the engine mounts and made sure the dual-range transfer case and the locking center differential were working accordingly. Down below, you’ll even find a cold start video.

This Land Rover was repainted in black and now looks almost like brand new, apart from some tiny flaws. The presence of rust has been noted on the passenger doors and on the driver’s side windshield bracket. You’ll also be happy to know it comes with spare parts, so you won’t have to worry for a while about getting what’s needed. Still, it might need some attention.

Looks continue to impress when you get inside, as the seats have been reupholstered with a very British-like brown leather that presents itself with a delightful quilted aspect. It’s no doubt now that this Defender looks good, even though it didn’t have an easy life. As the seller confirms on BaT, the Carfax report is clean, and the entire service history is available.

Some passionate owners or connoisseurs of the brand might have noticed that the Land Rover badges should be replaced because they’re not correct neither in size nor shape. Mudflaps should also be repositioned. Clearly, it needs some attention. That’s not a dealbreaker, though. These tiny errors can be corrected without much effort.

This version of the Land Rover Defender was initially known as the Land Rover 110 (read as One Ten). It got its current designation at the beginning of the ’90s. As was the case with 4x4s back in the day, this one also drew inspiration from the Willys Jeep that transformed and improved military mobility during World War II. The British, however, added a couple of features that molded this car into a legend. They made it friendlier, easier to live with it, and gave it off-road capabilities that not even today are easily matched by competitors. The electronics might fail sometimes, but the engine, the transmission, and the structural integrity won’t leave you stranded.

It’s no wonder that a vehicle with the Land Rover badge can quickly become an international star. The name is simply one that inspires by its own virtue. This carmaker helps its customers roam the land, not just drive on the road.

There are six days left. The current bid is just $25,000. For now, it’s a catch considering similar models have gone under the hammer for $70,000 or much more. Keep in mind that it needs some extra love to be up to standard.

Article Credit: Florin Amariei
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