Land Rover Scores Big with Limited Edition RWC Defender: A Rugby Lover’s Dream Ride

Land Rover, in celebration of its partnership with the Rugby World Cup 2023 (RWC), introduces the Limited Edition RWC Defender, an exclusive variant inspired by the Defender Trophy Car. This collaboration with Land Rover’s customisation service, SV Bespoke, results in a unique and performance-enhanced Defender designed exclusively for the French market.

Rugby World Cup 2023 x Defender

As an official partner of the 10th men’s Rugby World Cup, Land Rover’s Defender Trophy Car played a dynamic role in the tournament, touring through France and even presenting the Webb Ellis Cup to the victorious South African team. Building on this rugby-themed celebration, Land Rover unveils the Limited Edition RWC Defender, offering rugby enthusiasts and automotive connoisseurs a chance to own a piece of this sporting legacy.

Exclusive Features and Design

Limited to just 23 units and set for delivery in March 2024, the Limited Edition RWC Defender boasts unique features that set it apart from the standard range. Custom interior detailing, a special Rugby World Cup insignia, and exclusive colour schemes contribute to its distinctive design. The SUV’s performance capabilities are also elevated with enhanced off-road features.

Plug-In Electric Hybrid Powertrain

Continuing Land Rover’s commitment to sustainability, the Limited Edition RWC Defender is equipped with a P400e plug-in electric hybrid powertrain. This aligns with Jaguar-Land Rover’s vision for eco-friendly technology without compromising on comfort, performance, or luxurious design.

Exquisite Design Details

The exterior is finished in Santorini Black, complemented by 22-inch satin gold alloy wheels and matching bumper inserts. The interior exudes luxury, featuring embroidered headrests, blue stitching, and other meticulous details. The inclusion of Rugby World Cup 2023 logos, specific numbering out of 23 units, and the Defender script adds to its collector’s appeal.

Collector’s Piece and Performance

With its limited production, distinctive design, and performance upgrades, the Limited Edition RWC Defender becomes a collector’s piece for enthusiasts who want to relive the excitement of the Rugby World Cup with every drive.


Land Rover’s Limited Edition RWC Defender successfully merges the worlds of rugged performance and rugby passion, offering a unique and exclusive driving experience for those who appreciate both iconic design and sporting heritage. This limited-run model is a testament to Land Rover’s ability to create bespoke automotive masterpieces that resonate with a specific theme and audience.