Himalaya 4×4’s Land Rover Defender 130 Restomod: A Definitive Off-Road Beast

Himalaya 4×4, renowned for their exceptional Land Rover Defender restorations and restomods, has once again pushed the boundaries of off-road excellence. Their latest creation, a Land Rover Defender 130 truck, showcases the pinnacle of their craftsmanship and engineering expertise. By updating and enhancing nearly every aspect of the vehicle, Himalaya 4×4 has transformed the Defender 130 into an unstoppable off-road machine that ticks all the boxes for avid adventurers and enthusiasts alike.

Powerful Performance Upgrades:

At the heart of this restomod lies a new Cummins 2.8 turbo diesel engine, significantly surpassing the original unit’s power output. While exact horsepower and torque figures are yet to be released, the Cummins engine delivers a substantial boost in performance. Paired with custom four-link coilover suspension, Brembo brakes, and Dynatrac axles at the front and rear, the Defender 130’s handling and capabilities have been completely transformed. With limited-slip differentials at both ends, the off-roader is well-equipped to conquer the most challenging terrains. Enhancing its off-road prowess further are 18-inch Black Rhino wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich tires, ensuring optimal traction and durability.

Stylish Exterior Enhancements:

Himalaya 4×4 has given the Land Rover Defender 130 a striking visual makeover. Custom fender flares at the front and rear not only enhance its rugged appearance but also allow for larger wheels and tires. The addition of a new front bumper with a winch adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The exterior is finished in a dazzling silver shade, while the roof is elegantly contrasted in black. To safeguard the undercarriage during off-road adventures, the truck features rock sliders with power folding side steps, providing protection and convenience in equal measure.

Luxurious Cabin Modifications:

Inside the cabin, the Land Rover Defender 130 has undergone a series of impressive transformations. The two-tone brown and white leather upholstery, adorned with meticulous cross-stitching, exudes elegance and sophistication. A new JL Audio system delivers an immersive sound experience, while a modern HVAC system ensures optimal comfort in all conditions. Additionally, new gauges have been integrated, further enhancing functionality and aesthetics within the cabin space.

A Summer Rig for Adventurers:

Himalaya 4×4’s president, Greg Shondel, explains that the Land Rover Defender 130 restomod perfectly embodies their team’s capabilities and dedication to creating exceptional vehicles. Crafted for clients who relish outdoor adventures, this 130 truck possesses the versatility and robustness to tackle any terrain. With top-of-the-line engine, suspension, braking, and handling components, Himalaya 4×4 has crafted the ultimate summer rig for those seeking unparalleled off-road experiences.


Himalaya 4×4’s Land Rover Defender 130 restomod represents a testament to their expertise and commitment to excellence. With its powerful performance upgrades, stylish exterior enhancements, and luxurious cabin modifications, this Defender 130 truck offers the perfect balance of ruggedness and refinement. Whether traversing challenging trails or cruising through urban landscapes, this masterpiece from Himalaya 4×4 promises an exhilarating and unforgettable journey for adventurers who demand nothing less than perfection.