Exclusive Land Rover Defender 110 Limited Edition Celebrates Rugby World Cup

In a world where automotive partnerships with major sporting events are common, Land Rover has taken its role as a global partner of the Rugby World Cup to the next level. Just ahead of the eagerly awaited tenth edition of the Rugby World Cup, Land Rover unveiled a special limited edition of the Defender 110 that pays homage to this prestigious tournament. However, there’s a twist – this exclusive Defender will only be available in one country.

As the world eagerly anticipates the Rugby World Cup, which kicks off on September 8th in France, Land Rover has been revving up its involvement in the competition. The British automaker, known for its rugged and versatile SUVs, was named the worldwide partner of the Rugby World Cup, cementing its connection to this celebrated sporting event.

Back in June, Land Rover had already started making waves in the rugby world by announcing a bespoke Defender 110 created in honor of the Webb Ellis Cup, the coveted trophy of the Rugby World Cup. This move was followed by the announcement of Land Rover’s partnership with the women’s Rugby World Cup, set to commence on October 8th in New Zealand.

Now, Land Rover is back with an exciting announcement that even those with a limited interest in rugby can appreciate: the launch of a new limited edition Defender dedicated to the tournament.

Aptly named the “Limited Edition,” this unique series of the Defender is based on the Defender 110 P400e hybrid model, with carefully curated additions that set it apart and make it truly memorable.

The design of this exclusive Defender draws inspiration from the previously mentioned trophy car. On the exterior, it showcases a striking Santorini Black paint scheme with gold detailing, special hood script, and distinctive 22-inch alloy wheels. Rugby World Cup 2023 logos proudly adorn the front fenders, cementing its association with the tournament.

Inside the cabin, every seat bears the hallmark of the international rugby competition on the headrests.

In terms of the powertrain, Land Rover has retained the stock 2.0-liter hybrid engine, ensuring that this limited edition Defender maintains the same performance standards as its counterparts.

Here’s the catch: Land Rover plans to produce only 23 units of these exclusive Defenders, and they will be exclusively available through French retailers. Pricing details for these collector’s items have not been disclosed.

Land Rover has further stated that all the Limited Edition Defenders will be delivered to their fortunate owners in March 2024, well after the conclusion of the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to a special treat on October 28th. During the Rugby World Cup final match, the Defender trophy car will make a grand appearance on the field, delivering the coveted Webb Ellis Cup to the victorious team. It’s a moment that blends the worlds of sports and automotive in a truly unique way, and Land Rover is at the heart of it all.