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Project Kahn Type 57 RS-Forged Alloy Wheels – 10×22″ Military Black Matte for 2020+ Defender 90/110/130

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Transform your Land Rover Defender with Project Kahn’s Type 57 RS-Forged Alloy Wheels, a signature offering for the modern Defender range. These wheels, sized at 10 x 22″ for both front and rear, showcase a contemporary touch with their Military Black Matte finish. Precisely engineered for the Land Rover Defender range (2020-Present), they guarantee a perfect fit with the vehicle’s stock PCD. With Kahn’s Type 57 wheels, you’re investing in more than just aesthetics; you’re choosing the precision and lightness of top-tier forged wheels, ensuring your Defender stands out with distinction. Suitable for use with the original Land Rover Centre caps and bolts, which are not included with this item.

These wheels are not original equipment manufacturer (OEM) – these are aftermarket wheels designed and manufactured by KAHN®.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets apart Project Kahn’s Type 57 RS-Forged Alloy Wheels for my Land Rover Defender (2020-Present)?

Project Kahn’s Type 57 RS-Forged Alloy Wheels are tailor-made to elevate the look of your modern Land Rover Defender. With their sleek 10 x 22″ size, Military Black Matte finish, and precision engineering, these wheels don’t just enhance aesthetics but redefine your Defender’s style with a touch of sophistication.

Will these wheels perfectly fit my Land Rover Defender (2020-Present)?

These wheels are meticulously crafted to perfectly fit the Land Rover Defender range from 2020 onwards. The design ensures seamless integration, and the wheels align flawlessly with your vehicle’s stock PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter).

What makes Kahn’s Type 57 wheels stand out and how will they benefit my Defender?

Kahn’s Type 57 wheels go beyond looks; they bring precision and lightness to the table. Crafted with top-tier forged alloy, these wheels not only make your Defender look distinctive but also contribute to improved performance, making your driving experience even more enjoyable.

Can I use these wheels with my Land Rover’s original Centre caps and bolts?

These wheels are designed to be compatible with the original Land Rover Centre caps and bolts. It’s worth noting that while the Type 57 RS-Forged Alloy Wheels don’t come with caps and bolts, you can easily source them separately to complete the look.

Are these wheels part of the original Land Rover equipment?

No, these wheels are not original equipment. They’re aftermarket wheels specifically designed by KAHN® for Land Rover Defenders. Choosing these wheels means opting for a unique and customized look that sets your Defender apart.

How do these wheels contribute to my Defender’s performance?

The precision engineering and lightweight build of the Type 57 RS-Forged Alloy Wheels play a role in enhancing your Defender’s overall performance. The top-tier forged materials used ensure durability and strength while keeping the weight down, potentially improving handling and driving dynamics.

Where can I get these wheels, and what comes with the purchase?

You can find these wheels through the Kahn website. When making your purchase, keep in mind that the original Land Rover Centre caps and bolts are not included with the wheels and should be acquired separately to complete your Defender’s look..


KAHN Alloy Wheels Accept The Original LR Alloy Fitment Wheel Nuts, Centre Caps & Tire Pressure Monitors — NOT SUPPLIED With The Kahn Alloy Wheels. All Items Are Subject To Availability At The Time Of Confirmed Order / Payment.

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