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Project Kahn 1983 Light Alloy Wheels – 8×18″ Matte Black for Defender 90/110



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Our 1983 wheel for Land Rover Defender features a 10-split spoke design with a unique asymmetrical twist on the spoke alignment. These wheels are almost something of a paradox in the sense that they are bold, yet subtle.

These wheels are not original equipment manufacturer (OEM) – these are aftermarket wheels designed and manufactured by KAHN®.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the 1983 Wheels for Land Rover Defender unique in design?

The 1983 wheels feature a distinctive 10-split spoke design with a unique asymmetrical twist on the spoke alignment, creating a visually striking and unique aesthetic.

Can you elaborate on the paradoxical nature of these wheels being described as both bold and subtle?

The 1983 wheels offer a paradoxical blend of boldness and subtlety. While their design is bold and eye-catching with the 10-split spokes, the overall look maintains a subtle and refined elegance.

Are these wheels compatible with all Land Rover Defender models?

Yes, the 1983 wheels are designed to be compatible with various Land Rover Defender models, providing a stylish upgrade for a range of vehicles.

Can I use the original Land Rover Centre cap and wheel nuts/bolts with the 1983 Wheels?

Absolutely, these wheels are engineered to accommodate the original Land Rover Centre cap and wheel nuts/bolts, ensuring a seamless integration with the existing components of your Land Rover Defender.

Are the 1983 Wheels original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products?

No, the 1983 Wheels are aftermarket products. They are uniquely designed and manufactured by KAHN®, providing an exclusive and customized upgrade for your Land Rover Defender.

How do I order the 1983 Wheels for my Land Rover Defender?

To order the 1983 Wheels, visit the official KAHN® website. Follow the provided ordering process to secure these wheels for your Land Rover Defender.

How do the 1983 Wheels contribute to the overall aesthetics of my Land Rover Defender?

The unique 10-split spoke design with an asymmetrical twist adds a distinctive and eye-catching touch, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your Land Rover Defender with a perfect blend of boldness and subtlety.

Are there any specific maintenance recommendations for the 1983 Wheels to ensure longevity and performance?

Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is recommended to maintain the appearance of these wheels. Additionally, periodic inspection and tightening of bolts are advised to ensure optimal performance. Refer to the maintenance guidelines provided by KAHN® for detailed care instructions.

Are the 1983 Wheels suitable for off-road use or primarily designed for on-road driving?

While the 1983 Wheels are well-crafted for on-road driving, their compatibility with Land Rover Defender models suggests a level of durability suitable for various terrains. However, for specific off-road use, it’s recommended to consult with KAHN® or a professional for guidance.


KAHN Alloy Wheels Accept The Original LR Alloy Fitment Wheel Nuts, Centre Caps & Tire Pressure Monitors — NOT SUPPLIED With The Kahn Alloy Wheels. All Items Are Subject To Availability At The Time Of Confirmed Order / Payment.

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Size Front Wheel:

8 X 18"

Size Rear Wheel:

8 X 18"


Matt Black

Vehicle Fitment:

Land Rover Defender 1996-2016