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Front Runner Antenna Mount


Mount your antenna/aerial to your Slimline II rack with this clever, spring-loaded, off-road-tough holder.



• Mount installs easily into the front, back or side profiles of your Slimline II rack.
• The rotation function allows your aerial/antenna to tuck neatly beside your rack when maneuvering under overhead obstacles or into low overhead parking areas.
• Antenna mount rotates 90-degrees forward or backward with a 180-degree total rotation capability.
• A index pin allows the aerial/antenna to be dropped down.
• Includes an additional, bolt-on, magnetic plate for aerials/antennae with magnetic bases.
• Side guards protect the aerial/antenna connection from potential damage caused by flying rocks and other road debris.
• 17mm diameter mounting hole with cable slot.

Additional information

Consists of:

1 x Antenna Mount
1 x Magnetic Antenna Base Plate
Installation Hardware
Fitting Instructions

Materials used:

Black powder coated 3CR12 stainless steel

Product Dimensions:

150mm (5.9") L x 113mm (4.4") W x 113mm (4.4") H


700g (24.7oz)


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