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Front Runner Hi-Lift Jack Bracket / Top Mount


The Hi-Lift jack is an invaluable off-road recovery and tire-changing device, but it can be an ungainly accessory to store and transport. Front Runner’s Hi-Lift Jack Bracket is a two-piece locking bracket that offers a solid, convenient, and accessible way to do this. It bolts easily to the top of your roof rack and, thanks to its powder coated steel construction, it is off-road tough.


Front Runner Hi-Lift Jack Bracket / Top Mount

– These two brackets bolt into the t-slots of your Front Runner roof rack.
– Used to mount a Hi-Lift Jacks to the top of your rack.
– Fits all size Hi-Lift Jacks.
– The Handle Bracket opens to allow access to your Hi-Lift Jack.
– Made from steel and finished with the same durable, weather resistant black powder coating as the Front Runner Racks.
– The Handle Bracket is lockable with the Rack Accessory Lock / Small.

Installation Instructions for JADA014 (EN)

Additional information

Consists of:

1 x Handle bracket
1 x Base bracket
Installation Hardware
Fitment Instructions

Material used:

Black powder coated high strength steel

Product Dimensions:

Handle Bracket:
155mm (6.1") L x 85mm (3.4") W x 110mm (4.3") H

Base Bracket:
69mm (2.1") L x 207mm (8.2") W x 115mm (4.5") H


2.34kg (5.2lbs)


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